Welcome to AmnesiaSF

Everyone has heard of amnesia on exciting daytime drama television, but now we bring you the nighttime version of this mysterious condition. Amnesia is the loss of memory. We at AmnesiaSF will dazzle you and make you forget what you have seen or where you have been. 

Our parties are geared towards only the serious partiers. We seek only the best and invite only the serious partiers to come party with us. We want to unite the finest, most upscale and the wildest partiers in the SF bay area. If you think you are up to our standards we implore you to join our mailing list by e-mailing AddMe@AmnesiaSF.com Our parties are not mass promoted for only one reason, being that "we seek quality, not quantity." We don't like the meat markets that some clubs have become, nor do we like the drama that can be observed in some parties; that is why we do our parties by invite only, which means that we control who is welcome to our events. We do this not only for ourselves but also to create a better atmosphere for those that we chose to invite to our events. We set the dress code as well. We want to see the fashion conscious and not the posers. We appreciate originality in style and dressing, as you can see in  our picture gallery. If you too want to be a part of the AmnesiaSF family please join us, respect us and in return we will respect you. We are dedicated in our pursuit of the ultimate party. We will do our part in setting the scene for you but only you make it all happen. We thank our dedicated clientele for the all the fun that we have had together in our last year of partying, and hope to have a better year in 2003.

Amnesia will make you forget the past, make you forget what you have seen, and where you have been. We carefully stage our events for you to experience a truly hypnotic experience. So be ready to black out and wake up into a transic vibe that will run through your body and blow your mind...